as-is is broken

Our Belief

Founding teams suffer from the blindsides of the worm’s eye view. VCs suffer from the blindsides of the bird’s eye view.

Both sides of the divide have been caught up in a rut. We are inspired to do VC differently.

Building a startup is already hard, we understand this and would not give any founder false hope.

Our thesis has been carefully designed to ensure we can build for the resurgent economy.

We believe the African digital ecosystem deserves more exits to enable re-investments and re-injection of capital. From our lenses, we believe it would be better to achieve a 5x in 6-8 years, than to wait till eternity for a >15x that will/may never show up.

If like us, you are tired of VC-as-we-know-it and bullish on Africa. If you are open to the possibilities of an early, yet rewarding exit by building new ventures that would be cash-rich & era-resistant, you are welcome to join us on this journey.