The FbX Philosophy

We are self-taught VCs, this is our reality and we are super-proud of it. We are not caged to do Venture Capital by-the-book, alone.

- Fundraising successfully does not always guarantee you will be a good VC, same way raising successfully does not guarantee or make you a good or great founder.

- Avoid becoming a slave to VC convention. If you find yourself caught up in convention, you think convention.

- We are ready to make our own luck; we will discover our own PortCos.

- We don’t depend on deal flow...that is the industry convention-we don’t rely on that with our model.

- High commitment to the vision board takes us all to the promise land.

- Community over Cult.

- You cannot drool over nonsense.

- Turn on your BS, hype and vibes filter. We have LP funds to protect!

A high % of VCs get excited way too easily. This is one of the reasons why most founders don’t rate them at all & also, why they are susceptible to writing checks for silly things and don’t find the time to understand potential game changers.

They drool over nonsense and then dawdle over the real deals- something to do with not having enough operator-led depth.