The FbX Council

This council is made up of seasoned professionals who have a fine balance of startup exposure & experience.

They have been there, done that, with credible achievements to back it all up, either in operator, founder, investor or startup employee capacity.

The FbX Council has a mandate to deliver tested, trusted, high-quality fractional support to FbX PortCos.

The FbX Council members are carefully mapped as Advisors to FbX Portfolio Companies making them eligible for Advisor equity.

To achieve the right incentives and ensure optimal input for our founding teams, the advisor equity is performance and milestone-driven.

We believe it helps everyone if The FbX Council members see what’s in there for them to stay motivated and committed.

We recognize that the professionals we have described above often have busy lives.

To ensure win-win outcomes across board, we prioritize council members who can tick the 3 boxes; availability, passion and commitment.

Every FbX PortCo would enjoy the joys of building for success working closely with 4 carefully selected Advisors with the most important competencies required per startup.

Founders deserve to have a life & enjoy wellbeing!